It\'s Good to Be a British Criminal (actually, \"United Kingdom Criminal\")

After pleading guilty in Cardiff Crown Court to forging an uncle's checks worth 41,000 pounds ($65,000), Hayley Price, 42, was fined 5 pounds ($8), given a suspended sentence and ordered to do community service. The judge reasoned that Price was broke, having already spent the 41,000 pounds.

Brian Wallace was the victim of a severe beating in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2007, stabbed five times and hospitalized with lung and kidney lacerations, and to this day is battling for 7,500 pounds ($12,000) compensation from a government fund. In December 2009, Wallace learned that his attacker, Simon Granhof, who had been mistakenly kept in jail two weeks longer than his sentence, would receive 12,500 pounds ($20,000) from the government for deprivation of rights. (Granhof's sentence had already been cut in half before the mistake.)

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