Kids and families will be amazed and entertained at Saturday\'s \"Pandemonium of Magic\" event

"Pandemonium of Magic"

2 p.m. at the City Arts Center
3000 General Pershing.

At age 2, kids think everything in the world is magical. By two or three years later, however, a child starts to appreciate the fantastical.

That's why movies like "Toy Story" hit it big with children (and adults, too) at the box office and, more importantly, why magicians continue to enthrall people of all ages, said Michael King, treasurer of the Oklahoma City Magic Club.

"Fantasy is connected to the human condition, and so we visit a movie theater to escape life for a couple hours and enjoy fantasy on the screen," King said. "That's what magic is."

King and the rest of the Magic Club hope people enjoy the fantasy they've planned for Saturday's "Pandemonium of Magic" fundraiser. Held annually for almost 20 years, "Pandemonium" brings together professionals and up-and-comers to raise money for the Magic Club, Ring 46 in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In return, the club brings in national lecturers to speak to local magician members for their own enlightenment and enjoyment.

These members will put their talents on display Saturday, including child performers. Audiences can expect a "potpourri" of bigger stage action, as well as close-up magic tricks, King said. 

"Pandemonium" starts at 2 p.m. at the City Arts Center, 3000 General Pershing. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Costume Fun House, 4917 N.W. 23rd, or at the door. One ticket admits either one adult or two children. For more information, visit "Nicole Hill

Michael Hill and more will amaze Kids and families at Saturday's "Pandemonium of Magic" event.

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