Mentor: The Kid & The CEO - Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins

Mentor Hope Publishing

Oklahoma City-based business owner Tom Pace collaborates with local author Walter Jenkins to deliver "Mentor: The Kid & The CEO," a slim slice of inspirational fiction with entrepreneurial appeal.

The narrator is Tony, a 19-year-old who lands in the Oklahoma County Jail for stealing a 12-pack of beer. His wayward direction in life is altered forever when an outside speaker named Malcolm befriends him; constantly plies him with self-help books to read, from the likes of Dale Carnegie; and encourages him to start his own landscaping business, one yard at a time. Betcha can't guess how it ends.

Easily digestible, "Mentor" can be read in under an hour. Although the end is too pat and picture-perfect, it has its heart in the right place, and will best be enjoyed by those who know the seven habits of highly effective people as well as who moved the cheese.

"?Rod Lott

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