Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found

of "bananas" and one woman's scrawled warning of "if you buy more rice "? i'll punch you."

Chapters are devoted to old people's lists (they really do have the worst penmanship, not to mention a predisposition to pills), doodles on lists and party lists. One chapter features a list from each of our 50 states, while another finds Keaggy challenging his wife to concoct meals using only items from particular lists, all with gastronomically displeasing results.

Each list gets skewered by Keaggy's wit; of one person's misspelling of "crackers," he writes, "Try delicious Creakers, the cracker best enjoyed "¦ in a haunted house! (Cue rim-shot sound.)" And it's also educational, as each page offers a Trivial Pursuit-ready food fact, such as "Most milk is 88 (percent) water."

Found humor is among the funniest kind of humor, and "Milk Eggs Vodka" is a must-have, sharp-looking collection of this type.

"?Rod Lott

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