After a series of secret previews that took place earlier this year, Oklahoma’s premier mentalist, William Rader, will debut his new show, An Enchanted Evening, to the public, kicking off a series of recurring monthly performances.

Taking a cue from 19th-century parlor shows, An Enchanted Evening is being performed in an intimate Automobile Alley location, so everyone in attendance will get to experience Rader’s seemingly miraculous feats of deduction, influence and mind-reading up close. To set the proper tone and atmosphere, guests are asked to “dress to impress” in cocktail attire.

Rader wanted to perform in a space that would be distinct from other venues around town. He found what he was looking for in the back of a warehouse that began its life as a Packard and Cadillac dealership in the 1920s and is now the home of Broadway Wine Merchants.

“I love the rich history and character of this building,” Rader said. “It is an adventure to find the venue, so the experience begins before my show even starts.”

Rader said if you attend, you should expect to have your mind read, but that’s no cause for alarm.

“I always promise to not to embarrass my guests,” he said. “My show is a celebration of what people have experienced in their lives.”

During the show, Rader will reveal names, dates and places known only to his audience, while also sharing a few of his mind-reading secrets.

Rader is so confident in his abilities that he literally puts his money where his mouth is, wagering $100 on a game of rock-paper-scissors played against a random audience member.

He has been performing full-time for the past five years, entertaining at private parties, corporate events and public shows throughout the country. During that time, Rader transitioned from magic to mentalism.

“Most people don’t realize it, but we’re being manipulated every day,” he said. “We make decisions based on other people’s influence. I draw attention to that in the show by influencing the audience to create seemingly impossible outcomes. I hope to open them up to the reality that there is more going on between people than what is on the surface.”

When asked whether or not he lays claim to any real magical powers, Rader offered up a quote from mentalist Joseph Dunninger: “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t believe, none will suffice.”

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