OKCPS teams with Metropolitan Library System to give every student library access without a new card

OKCPS teams with Metropolitan Library System to give every student library access without a new card
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Metropolitan Library System (MLS) has connected Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) students to its in-house and online resources for free through the new ONEcard program.

The privileges begin when a student is enrolled in OKCPS.

“They [students] won’t have to have a parent or guardian sign for them for a library card. They will automatically have it,” said Kim Terry, MLS marketing and communications director.

ONEcard allows OKCPS students to utilize all the library’s resources without worrying about fines or obtaining a library card.

“It’s a partnership we currently have with Oklahoma City Public Schools,” Terry said. “Any student enrolled in Oklahoma City Public Schools can use their student ID to check out up to 10 items within the library. They won’t incur any fines. They can also use their student ID to access all of our online resources.”

Items to check out include books, magazines, audiobooks and more. However, students are still responsible for reimbursing MLS for missing or damaged items. DVDs and CDs cannot be checked out.

The library’s online resources can be used from a student’s internet-connected personal computer or device, and programs are available for students of any grade level.

“We have a ton of online learning tools that can help with study skills like math, geography, social studies, all the way up to high school level like algebra and trig,” Terry said.

High school students also have access to ACT and SAT practice tests and study guides.

Terry said procrastinators particularly will enjoy ONEcard.

“Sometimes students — I know I did — wait till the last minute to do a book report or some kind of a report,” she said. “Now, they don’t have to worry. Let’s say it 10 o’clock at night, they can just go online to our website and start researching.”

Terry said library resources are helpful for general learning and also offer cited information, a must for education in middle school and above.

“Let’s just say somebody has to do a book report on Benjamin Franklin. We have so many online articles and books that they can read, they don’t even have to come into the library,” Terry said. “They can do them all at home.”

Learning Express Library, one of the multiple online programs accessible with ONEcard, offers practice tests and homework help on an array of subjects. Other databases are National Geographic Kids and CultureGrams.

ONEcard is influenced by programs around the country.

“We’ve seen this happen in other cities,” Terry said. “Charlotte, North Carolina, just did this about a year ago. I believe Nashville and Indianapolis Public Libraries have done this in the past. We just thought this is something that could really help the students.”

ONEcard goes beyond reference. Students may also access the library’s entertainment offerings.

“They have access to all of our online resources, which are e-books, audiobooks. There are magazines. You can even download streaming music,” Terry said.

The popularity of the service has grown weekly since its implementation in September. Terry said there are plans to expand access to ONEcard.

“We’re intending to work partnerships with other school districts in the future,” she said.

Visit metrolibrary.org.

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