OU graduate dance students conduct side project in Oklahoma City

rs won't be confined to Kamp's raised stage, which gives the choreographers a number of options with which to play.

"The space is interesting and different; we can do it as a theater-in-the-round, so it is an unconventional space," she said. "This setting is more intimate than a traditional theater, because you are right next to the stage and on the same level as the performers, so it is a closer relationship with the audience."          

Second-year grad student Lieneke Mous said 5 Degrees is unique because collaborative projects among graduate students are rarely performed outside the university setting.     

"Because the work is so difficult, it has the tendency to isolate you from everyone else," Mous said.             

"We are all very independent and used to being assertive, going beyond for what we want. That is why we are here: We are overachievers," Lambert said. "When you have all these strong personalities, there can be conflict, but we work well together because we compromise."           

That said, Lambert and Mous admitted it was a chore to find time to pull the project together.            

"You don't find the time, you make it," Lambert said. "You cut down on your sleep and make sacrifices. The dancers are making similar sacrifices because they are going to school for their undergraduate performing pieces, so working it all in is very difficult. Fortunately, everyone is also very motivated."

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