P.C. and Kristin Cast release new book, end series with Oct. 15 event

The mother-daughter duo that brought you the House of Night book series is bidding farewell to a decade-long story with the release of the series’ final book, Redeemed.

Redeemed finishes Zoey Redbird’s story as she embraces her power to summon the elements and the power of Old Magick to save humans and vampires.

Writer P.C. Cast, along with her daughter and editor, Kristin Cast, have worked on the 16-book young adult fantasy series together since 2005. Saying good-bye to the series has been a challenge for both of them.

“It’s difficult to let go of the characters after you’ve lived with them for a decade,” P.C. said.

With most characters between the ages of 18 and 21, P.C. wrote the books with an older young adult audience in mind.

“As you get further into the series, it gets darker and darker and deals with more serious issues of the balance of good and evil,” P.C. said.

After selling the first three books in the series, P.C. got the green light from her publisher to write as many books as she wanted. She took that opportunity and ran with it.

“I got to really delve into the world and expand the mythos [and] get into the heads of a bunch of different characters,” she said.

During the drafting process, Kristin served as the teen voice editor, and she would read the books with a fresh editorial eye. Over time, Kristin earned her editing stripes, and P.C. took Kristin’s edits more seriously.

“In the beginning of a series, the characters don’t yet have strong voices, but the longer you’re with them, the more they do things on their own and the less intervening by the author has to be done,” Kristin said.

Because Redeemed is the end of the series, P.C. is excited to see the readers’ reactions to the high body count, and Kristin is looking forward to the readers learning about the conclusion for the character Kalona.

Now Kristin is joining with Diversion Books, based in New York, to start her own paranormal suspense new adult series. Told with a balance of comedy and real-life events in mind, the characters will battle Grecian creatures to try to save the world.

The first book in the series is available for pre-order and will come out in April.

P.C. taught creative writing at Broken Arrow South Intermediate High School for 15 years, and in 2009, she was able to retire from teaching when Chosen, the third House of Night book, hit No. 2 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Redeemed book tour

5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 15


2300 W. Main St., Norman



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