Bailey, the aforementioned weenie dog, is an excellent napper. She’s good at disappearing into heaps of blankets and laundry. Above all, however, this lady is good at creating mischief when I’m not at home.

Maybe you’re currently pet-parenting your own seemingly angelic pup. If you frequently return to overturned trash cans and chew toys that used to be furniture, it might be time to sniff out the real problem. It could be tomfoolery, or it could be that your pet just gets doggone bored. 

right Four Paws owner Dishan Lynn combs a poodle named molly.

That’s where doggy daycare comes into play. At Central Park Dog Daycare (5420 N. Classen Blvd.; 858-2275), your pup will mix and mingle in a supervised environment, placed into groups based upon size and activity level. The canines spend most of the time outside, although an indoor play area is utilized during extreme weather days. One day will cost you $20, with $18 for each additional doggie.

Maybe your pooch prefers indoors? Four Paws Grooming and Boarding (2308 N. Robinson; 525-7297) features indoor and climate-controlled outdoor kennels.
For fresh air, dogs are treated to three 30-minute daily walks, which are enjoyed by fellow boarders according to size and activity level. This place is Senate-approved — sort of. State Sen. Al McAffrey trusts his fur babies to this friendly, owner-operated dog sanctuary. It’ll cost you $15 a day and $5 for each additional dog.

With nine lives to burn, it’s no surprise that kitties run low on catnip, too. Anne’s Country Club for Pets Inc. (4200 E. Britton; 478-2303), has a cattery in addition to the traditional kennels for doggies. That’s right: A cattery!

This full-on feline paradise is bursting with carpet pillars for scratching and climbing. It costs $12 per kitty. For an additional fee, and if you’re really short on time, opt for the pet limousine. This kennel-affiliated outside service will pick up and/or drop off your bundle of purr (or bark).  

Make sure you’re up-to-date with shots for the animals, because all these locations require that vaccinations be current.

Whether you take your babes in daily or occasionally as a treat, your furry family can spend the day staying out of trouble and making friends. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Mark Hancock

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