If you're reading this horoscope, you're not a Cambodian orphan who grew up as a slave in a brothel or a Sudanese man kidnapped by a militia and forced to do heavy labor 18 hours a day or one of the 27 million other victims of human trafficking around the world. But you may be yoked and subjugated in a less literal way, perhaps to an addictive drug or an abusive relationship or a job that brings out the worst in you.

The good news is that the coming months will be a favorable time for you to escape your bondage. Maybe it'll help you muster the strength you need, Pisces, if I inform you that your freedom won't be anywhere near as hard to achieve as that of the Pakistani boy tied to a carpet loom in a dark room or the Nigerian woman who's beaten daily as she toils in the sugar cane fields for no pay.

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