Plains Indian art show kicks off with two-day preview

American Indian art once evoked sweeping plains, tragic scenes of oppression and a reverence for tribal cultures.

But according to Patrick Riley, an artist and coordinator of the 25th annual Gallery of the Plains Indian Art Show, said the genre is no longer so narrow in scope.

"There was a definition for Native art, but today, that definition is changing," Riley said. "I'm an Oklahoman artist who is influenced by Native art."

The Gallery of the Plains Indian Art Show will highlight this wide spectrum of artists. The show will hold a public preview in Oklahoma City on Thursday and Friday.

Riley credited long-running exhibits like these for expanding the opportunities of American Indian artists.

"When the show started 25 years ago, Native art was expanding, but it hadn't expanded as much as it has in the past 20 years," he said. "Before, if you were a Native artist, people categorized you with a specific art, but today, they are doing all different kinds. They are no longer limited to what they can do."

The show will feature:
" pottery,
" jewelry design,
" paintings and
" sculptures.

"Native art will continue to be productive and growth-oriented," Riley said. "You will see more Native artists being influential, not just in Native art, but in American culture, because they have something to say."

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