Within days of being named the city with the best public art by readers, Plaza Walls hosted the fifth Milk Crate Jam. 

Celebrating the four elements of hip-hop (DJing, graffiti, rapping and breakdancing), the event brought hundreds through the alley where murals were being continuously painted throughout the day while local mainstays like Jabee, Sativa Prophets and Nymasis performed to a diverse, flowing throng of all ages, races and genders.

Coming to Plaza Walls on Aug. 7 is the inaugural Sunny Dayz Mural Festival, which seeks “to empower, elevate and celebrate self identifying women and non binary artists and muralists through the creation and advocacy of public art.”

Both events were created by the Oklahoma Mural Syndicate.

For more information, visit plazawalls.org

click to enlarge Plaza Walls
Piece by @up.doggs

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