Regionally, the Poteet Theatre is the first community theater to perform The Color Purple, a stage adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer-winning novel.

Before director Jay Prock even received the script, he spent two years researching for the production.

“We want to tell stories that bring hope to people’s lives,” he said, adding that he believes Purple will do just that.

Set primarily in the 1930s, it focuses on the life stories of several African-American women who endure brutality and hardship through hope and love.

“This show is a reminder to be thankful for everything we’ve been given,” said Prock. “We consistently need to be reminded of that.”

Poteet has included an earthy set, detailed costumes and a special musical number featuring the orchestra.

“Though we’ve spent a lot of money on costumes and the set, none of that matters if you don’t have great actors,” said Prock. “They will outshine the set and the costumes.”

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