Revewier's grade: D+


Throughout director Russell Mulcahy's inexplicable three-decades-strong film career, there's only one entry on his filmography worth seeing "¦ and it's certainly not "Resident Evil: Extinction." (For the record, it's the one with the self-indulgent title of "Russell Mulchay's Tale of the Mummy.")


I loved Paul W.S. Anderson' s first "Resident Evil," liked Alexander Witt's "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and hated this latest sequel. (Suddenly, the list of terrible movies based on video games isn't as lonely for "Super Mario Bros.")


Milla Jovovich is back to kick more zombie butt, but too bad Mulcahy and company don't give her much of a chance to do that. They're much too busy trying to determine how to stretch 30 minutes of material into 90, and disguise the fact that it looks more like an episode of a syndicated-TV series than an actual theatrical installment. R 


"?Rod Lott


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