The New York Times ran a story about philosopher Nick Bostrom. He believes there's a significant chance our world is actually a computer simulation. In his scenario, you and I are living in a version of The Matrix. Our "brains" are merely webs of computer circuits created by our post-human descendants, who are studying "ancestor simulations" of their past. I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because it's an excellent time for you to find out, one way or another, whether Bostrom is correct.

Right now you have a special talent for knowing what's real and what's not. You've also got a knack for escaping what's illusory and gravitating toward what's authentic. So even if you do find out that we're living in The Matrix, you could become a kind of messiah with resemblances to the character that Keanu Reaves played in the film trilogy.


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