Reviewer's grade: B

Ready for a little "Shaun of the Dead"-like black comedy to go with that helping of ghastly slice 'n' dice horror? From England comes this yummy tale of seven employees of a weapons manufacturing firm who travel to Hungary for a weekend team-building retreat. And wouldn't you just know that the forested location selected for them turns out to be brimming with murderous psychopaths.


Legs get cut off, heads roll, and intestines get taken out for an airing. It's going to be a long day for the suckers who have to file the workers' comp forms. This is one of those low-carat gems that manages to build and maintain suspense while delivering some sicko jokes at the same time.


And the cast, mostly unknowns to us on this side of the pond, are all adults. Not great fun, but fun. R


-Doug Bentin

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