Stanfield paints pictures with a space in mind

Even before beginning a painting, Shelly Lewis Stanfield first visualizes its display environment.

"I generally picture a room or a decor, because I used to be a designer," Stanfield said. "I think of color trends, different colors that go together, the design of the room, and I go from there. I imagine a space the painting could be in or the type of person who would buy it."

Stanfield studied interior design at the University of North Texas and worked in Atlanta in real estate. She would often do design or commissioned paintings for her clients' lofts, but art has only recently become her focus.

"I've been painting all my life, but I just decided to start selling my work last April," she said. "It's been kind of a crazy thing."

In April 2007, Stanfield had her first art show at Deep Fork Grill, and her work is currently hanging at Caf

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