The only thing that got me through it was cool, light clothing and smoothies. It can be hard to dress like you give a damn when the temperature skyrockets, but it can be done. Just don’t expect much in the hair and makeup department.

At Lush Fashion Lounge (14101 N. May; 936-0680), look for a great selection of basic cotton dresses and skirts, especially maxi skirts by labels like Everly. The dresses, by Lush and Everly, are done in soft jerseys with colors of melon, teal, grass green and black.

Billowy, oversize ponchos by Cotton Candy and Lush have made a splash at Lush, too, done in light fabrics that keep things from getting boxy and bulky.

To pair with pants, I loved the silk tops by Peppermint. The flowy, sleeveless tops are done in very chic color combos and patterns, making for a ladylike top with just a dash of whimsy.

If you’re looking for a dress that can pull double duty during day and night, check out Peppermint’s offerings. Done in light fabrics, these dresses score with cool details like gathering and ruffles. Very pretty.

Blue Seven (7518 N. May; 604- 5199) has a ton of great summer dresses in stock, from super casual to dressier. I loved a one-shouldered printed dress in blue by Hazel done with a fun, floppy ruffle along the top. Also check out Synergy’s, made from recycled saris.

Blue Seven also has a ton of supersoft tees, flowy tops and even rompers (if you can pull that look off), not to mention a variety of shorts.

Confession time: After nearly a decade of swearing off shorts, I gave in recently. What’s worse, I bought jorts. Horror of horrors.

But, you know what? I was praising my new jorts every step of the way last weekend when I, for reasons unknown, decided to walk the 3 miles to Harkins for a matinee.

Anyway, shorts: There’s a lot of them. Please be responsible when deciding to wear them. Especially if you’ve settled on Blue Seven’s pleated, cuffed, hipster-approved shorts by Ya that come complete with suspenders.

Near Penn Square Mall, Silver Accents (5615 N. Penn; 692-7587) expanded a while ago and looks great, with the racks of clothes better spread out. There’s a nice variety of tops, dresses and — again — shorts for summer; I particularly loved the dresses.

Check out some of the simple cotton ones by JW Los Angeles that get a summery kick with floral embroidery. They make rompers, too, but I’d just like to remind everyone what an ill-fitting romper can do to one’s crotch area.

Moving on. I really loved the dressier frocks, especially one by Ina, a one-shouldered dress done in a very pretty salmon with a great detail of ruffled pleating along the top. Just perfect for these hot summer nights.

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