In June, for the fourth year, professor Paul Worsey of the University of Missouri-Rolla conducted his Summer Explosives Camp, with 20 high-school-age kids learning the techniques of blowing things up (e.g., a tree stump, a watermelon, a dead chicken). Said one camper, "Some people like baseball (but) I just like to set off bombs." Worsey's main goal is to recruit mine-engineering majors to his school, but another benefit, he told National Public Radio, is that the school "attract(s) the kids that might otherwise get into a little bit of trouble (and) give(s) them ... an opportunity for a career."

In June, the town council in Ledbury, England, turned down Timothy Fry's request to be allowed to exercise his two snakes, Rose and Buddy, in the town's park. He said he'd been letting them roam, leashless, for the last year with no complaints, but admitted that the two (a corn snake and a rat snake) were getting stressed from all the attention they have been receiving.

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