Heat isn’t my thing. If I could fast-forward through summer, I would.

The thought of that palpitating and near-delirious stretch of 100-plus-degree weather never gets any less uncomfortable for me.

But the thought of working out in a sauna-type environment slowly began to appeal to me the further I got in my personal journey through yoga.

Curiosity won out, and one Saturday morning I found myself in the throes of an interesting and wonderful experience. Again, while I’m not big on heat, I didn’t hate sweating out toxins and becoming incredibly focused and centered — some of the benefits of a hot yoga class.

That being said, not everyone is going to jibe with the ultimate sweatfest that a bikram-type environment elicits, and because of that, there are several types of yoga — including hatha, ashtanga or kundalini — that you can check out if you’re in the market for this peaceful practice.

Get Zen at Cadence Yoga (801 N. Hudson; 601-8537). You’ll find plenty of classes to challenge your mind and body (and I still had beads of sweat dripping on my mat!) under 90 degrees.

Many classes focus on flow and alignment, and there’s even a lunch class if you want to maximize the hours in a day. Owner Mandy Lathan provides a hands-on experience with tons of feedback, as well as a beautiful studio in the heart of the city.

If you’re not down with the downward dog, but still want a healthier lifestyle, consider the sweatworthy options of group fitness or personal training.

Tru You Fitness (5010 N. Rockwell, Bethany; 603-6699) is truly all about your needs. With a clear emphasis on what suits you and your lifestyle, the training options are one-on-one, semi-private, boot camps or Zumba classes.

If you opt for personal training, you’ll be pleased to know that owners James Davis and Diana Chang have their master’s in human movement with a concentration in sports performance, and are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with advanced certifications in performance enhancement and corrective exercise. They are passionate about helping people lead healthier, more comfortable lives.

Whether you’re getting fit for personal wellness or the impending doom of swimsuit season (we’ve only got about 11 weeks until spring break, then it’s a blur of pool parties and vacations, all requiring the dress code of swimwear or skimpy dresses), you have options depending on what type of athlete you are, or hope to become.

Let’s shop, and get fit, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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