The Simpsons: The Complete Eighth Season



The easiest way to start a vicious slap fight among the "Simpsons" faithful is to ponder precisely when the beloved sitcom began its inexorable downward slide; most generally would agree that the cracks in the show's foundation were beginning to be most visible here, in its eighth season.
That shouldn't discourage anyone from picking up this four-disc set "? a crappy episode of "The Simpsons" is still more entertaining than 95 percent of most TV shows, so your dollars-to-laughs ratio is pretty solid. This eighth season features some doozies "? Homer getting advice from a coyote voiced by Johnny Cash, the appearances of Hank Scorpio and Frank Grimes, the birth and death of Poochie "? drink it in deep, friends; this is pure, unfiltered Simpsonian genius.
As has been the custom with the previous season sets, creator Matt Groening and company have outfitted all 22 episodes with a bevy of supplemental material, including commentaries, animatics, deleted scenes and more. Like shiny plastic digital donuts, these classic 'toons will have you drooling happily for hours.

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