Reviewer's grade: B

Francis Veber, the French writer/director who wrote "La Cage aux Folles" nearly 30 years ago, has sent us a new farce, this time about a parking valet who is hired by a billionaire to pretend to be the boyfriend of the rich guy's mistress so the rich guy's wife won't find out that he even has a mistress. The mistress is a supermodel and she agrees to go along with the scheme because the rich guy has promised to get a divorce and marry her. The valet is a decent guy who wants the money to pay off a loan for the girl he's loved since childhood. Then the woman he loves finds out he's living with a model and becomes jealous.


Did I mention that this is a farce? Good. You know that, while the plot is easy to follow, it still doesn't make any kind of real world sense. There are some solid laughs and if you've missed this kind of good-hearted goofiness in American comedies, and don't mind subtitles, you might get an old-fashioned kick of this one. PG-13


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