UCO graduates exhibit individual, collaborative art

Two local artists will exhibit pieces they created individually and as a collaborative duo Thursday night at Six11 Creative, 611 N. Broadway.

Individual works made by longtime friends Joy Baresel and Kelly Koenig, both University of Central Oklahoma graduates, will be on display at the show, which has a unique twist: Some of the works were created as both artists painted on the same canvas at the same time.

Baresel said the pair chose a canvas and a color palette and started painting, each steering the work in her own direction.

Occasionally Baresel said she and Koenig would step back and discuss how the painting was developing and where they should go from there, but primarily, each allowed herself the freedom to see the painting as if it was her work alone and not a team effort.

The process was interesting, Baresel said, adding that sometimes she or Koenig would see an area she wanted to paint with her eyes and instinctively moved her paintbrush to that spot "? a practice that occasionally resulted in splattered paint or minor injuries.

"There's nothing that can stop your hands from going there," she said, "so it could be dangerous at times."

The show marks the second time Baresel and Koenig have featured work they created together, but unlike their first show, Thursday's also includes pieces the artists did separately from one another.

Baresel said her entries are minimalist paintings on large canvases, often in the impressionistic style. Koenig said her work includes expressionistic paintings of figures that were inspired by a trip she took to the circus. She said she tried to make the figures in her paintings convey the emotions of people who put on a happy face, despite sadness on the inside. Her pieces also include jewelry she created from recycled vintage jewelry.

Baresel predicted that she and Koenig would likely team up again to improve on the collaboration.

"It's just such an interesting process, and I think it could be refined some more, if you will," she said.

The 7 to 11 p.m. show is free.

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