Three Norman High School art teachers are showing their works in a shared exhibition at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery. It’s titled “Revolve,” for
several reasons, according to Clint Stone, IAO executive director.

“The three of them all work at Norman High School together and they like to involve each other in their projects,” he said. “After talking with all three of the artists, we realized it would be to everyone’s benefit to include all three in the same exhibition.”

The name for the exhibit also came from their repetitive art techniques and using recycled goods in their works, as well as the friends’ shared love for all things bicycling.

“Being avid cyclists, the wheel and the sense of motion and the different parts of bicycles are seen in all of their works,” Stone said.

Kim Rice uses a variety of media, including screen printing. The focus of her work has shifted from global issues to more daily local happenings. Carla Waugh explores methods such as paper relief and clay to create fish, which she calls a “universal” symbol. Leslie Dallam (whose work is pictured) makes collage pieces from recycled items that may be considered garbage to others.

“Revolve” will remain on display through Dec. 17. Admission is free. For more information, call 232-6060 or visit —Carmen Forman

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