It’s time to celebrate in spite of your sneezing and over-the-counter allergy-medicated state.

Spring means transformation and regeneration. It means wardrobe upheavals, the cleaning of home spaces, the rearranging of closets and the purchasing of new running shoes and workout gear appropriate for the burgeoning temps.

Whether you’ve been hitting the pavement or the treadmill during the wintry months, it’s probably time for a brand-new pair of kicks. Red Coyote Running and Fitness (5800 N. Classen Blvd.; 840-0033) offers a wall of shoes and a highly informed, helpful staff.

Maybe you’ve decided to take up running as a new activity. Join the store’s Newbie Running Program that motivates neophyte runners — or runners who’ve been on hiatus — with fitness goals. The nine-week program is customized toward a 5K goal and includes your entry fee into a race.

Spring also can be a time for new love, right? It was for a couple of coyotes, who recently got engaged in front of Red Coyote, the place where they’d first met. Get some new shoes, pick up a healthy new habit and possibly even get a boyfriend or girlfriend out of the deal.

Maybe you’ve grown weary of running or want to take on a new and interesting challenge. Maybe you want to get ... extreme. If that’s the case, visit Core ExtremeSports (10467 N. May; 286-5100).

Here you’ll find skateboards, longboards, snowboards and wakeboards. In-shop, you can purchase all the gear you’ll need for any kind of boarding you want to do, as well as a crew of pros willing to chat about “epic runs and gnarly spills,” according to their blog. If you want to be free of shoes and boards altogether, there are a few ways to get physical and have the freedom to spread your toes. Check out Four Graces Pilates Studio (2828 W. Country Club Drive; 608-4446) for a clean and bright studio full of trained instructors ready to kick your ass, but in a good way.

The studio also carries the workout couture brand Lululemon. For more of a selection, and possibly a community yoga class or CrossFit challenge, check out the Lululemon Athletica Showroom (712 N. Broadway; 235-0000). Make sure to call ahead or check the site, as its hours aren’t regularly 9-to-5.

Clean your baseboards, get some spring-friendly workout gear and get active in the warming air. Let’s shop, OKC!

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