Best of OKC

Best of OKC 1985


Chocolate Chip Cookies – Famous Amos Bakeshop

Ice Cream – Kaiser’s Ice Cream Parlor

Barbecue – Leo’s Barbecue & Catering

All-Around Treatment of an Egg – Jimmy’s Egg

Salad Bar – Western Sizzlin’

Fresh Gourmet Pasta – Pasta Pizzaz

Baked Goods – Ingrid’s Kitchen

Chicken-Fried Steak – Ann’s Chicken Fry

Bargain Lobster – Red Lobster

Yuppie Pizza – My Pi

Nachos – Harry Bear’s Burger Maker

Weird Drink – Play-De-Doh (Cajun’s Wharf)

Hamburger Under $2.50 – Braum’s

Hamburger Over $2.50 – Johnnie’s

Margarita – Chi-Chi’s

Coffee/Espresso – Cappuccino’s Café & Club

Place to Eat at 2:14 A.M. – Village Inn

Cheap Pig-Out – the Bricks Bar-B-Q & Bakery

Cheap Downtown Lunch – Ricoletto’s Restaurant

Downtown Lunch for an Expense Account – Petroleum Club

Free Hors D’Oeuvres – Chi-Chi’s

Undiscovered Luncheon Spot – Alberta’s Tea Room

Chinese Restaurant – Hu-Nan Chinese Restaurant

Cheap Breakfast – McDonald’s

Kiddie Menu – McDonald’s

Dessert Menu – Pioneer Pies

Delicatessen – Crown Heights Deli & Pastry Shop

New Restaurant – 72nd Street Grill

Restaurant for a Memorable Occasion – Christopher’s Restaurant

Restaurant for When Someone Else Pays – The Newport Restaurant

Old Restaurant – Haunted House

Trendy Restaurant – Flip’s

Restaurant for a Romantic Dinner – Eagle’s Nest

Greasy Spoon – The Patio Restaurant

Cafeteria – Boulevard Cafeteria

Vietnamese Restaurant – Miriwa Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant – El Chico

Seafood Restaurant – Joe Kelly’s Restaurant

Italian Restaurant – Tony’s Italian Specialties

‘Mom & Pop’ Restaurant – Robert’s Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant – The Burgundy Room

Drugstore Fountain – Baker Drug


Yuppie Trend Bar – Faces Club

Rock Music Bar – Rick’s Club & Restaurant

Jazz Club – Bianca’s

Gay Bar – Angles

Adult Make-Out Bar – Confetti

Single-Screen Theater – Westwood Theater

Comedy Club – Jokers

Country Music Bar – Cowboys

Strip Bar – Red Dog Saloon

Dance Bar – Confetti

Easy Listening Radio Station – KLTE

Country Radio Station – KEBC

Multi-Screen Theater – AMC Memorial Square 8

Classical Radio Station – KCSC

Video Rental Outlet – Sound Warehouse

Name for a Local Rock/Pop Band – Phil & the Blanks

Local Rock/Pop Band – Maya

Local Jazz/Blues Band – Burton Band

Local Solo Artist – Mary Reynolds

Local Traditional/Folk Band – Friends of Tradition

Gospel Music Station – KJIL

Rock-Pop Radio Station – KJ-103

Museum – Oklahoma Museum of Art

Golf Course – Oak Tree Golf Club

Best Tennis Courts – OKC Tennis Center

Children’s Birthday Party Locations – Showbiz Pizza Place

Local TV Channel for Vintage Re-runs – KOKH TV Channel 25

Local TV Channel for Movies – KOKH TV Channel 25

Local TV Channel for Weather Updates – KWTV Channel 9

Local TV News – KTVY Channel 4

Local TV Programming – KTVY Channel 4


Local TV Newscaster – Linda Cavanaugh

Local TV Newscaster’s Hairdo – Patti Suarez

Local TV Sportscaster – Bob Barry

Local TV Weatherman – Gary England

Local TV News Reporter – Dan Slocum

Local Radio DJ – Dave & Dan

Democratic Republican – Henry Bellmon

Republican Democrat – U.S. Sen. David Boren

Waiter/Waitress – Denzel Salathiel

Bartender – Wendy Pafford

Maitre D’ – Kurt Orth

Eligible Single Male – Edward K. Gaylord II

Eligible Single Female – Ann Nyberg

Civic Leader – Jackie Carey

Best-Dressed Socialite – Ann Hoover

Volunteer – Peg Malloy

Local Artist – Greg Burns

City Politician – Jackie Carey

County Politician – U.S. Sen. David Boren

Stripper – Morganna the Kissing Bandit

Moderate Minister – Rev. Norman Neaves

Obnoxious Car Dealer on TV – Southwest Ford

Candidate for a1985 Humanitarian Award – Ed Sossen


Place to Buy Hardware – Mr. HOW Warehouse

Junk Store – Old Paris Flea Market

Off-Beat Clothing Store – DeZanella

Bookstore – Full Circle Book Store

Pet Store – Petland

Place to Buy Wine – Byron’s Package Store

Religious Bookstore – Mardel’s Christian & Office Suuplies

Flea Market – Old Paris Flea Market

Full-Service Gas Station – Texaco (3201 Classen)

Self-Service Gas Station – Texaco (5100 N. May)

Place to Buy Party Supplies – Chef’s Market

Custom T-Shirts – Tony Newcomb Shirts

Place to Find a Bargain – Outlet Malls of America

Place to Buy Import Records – Sound Warehouse

Place to Buy Tobacco – the Tinder Box

Place to Buy Fresh Vegetables – Farmer’s Market

Car Wash – Red Carpet Car Wash

Newsstand – Taylor’s Newsstand & Bookstore

24-Hour Supermarket – Skaggs Alpha Beta

Used Furniture Store – Spivey’s

Place for a Yuppie Spending Spree – 50 Penn Place

Clean Public Restrooms – The Vista International Hotel at Waterford

Place to Drop off the Kids – WhiteWater

Best Gym – Body by Schliebe

Cheap Antiques – Spivey’s

Place for a summer Picnic – Oklahoma Museum of Art


Tack Quote From a Politician – Richard Hogue “I’ve sold and hustled things all my life – horses, real estate, oil and gas and Jesus. If you’ve got a plan, you can sell it to the people.”

Place to Watch People – Will Rogers World Airport

Jukebox – VZD’s

Important Hotline Number – Suicide Prevention Hotline 848-2273

Telephone Number Acronym – THE-LORD

Local Come-On line – “Didn’t we go to different schools together?”

Neon – Boyer Bail Bonds

Place to Get Bruised While Having Fun – WhiteWater

Proof that ‘Life Ain’t Fair’ – Nichols Hills

Local Bumpersticker – “Impeach Gaylord”

Local Lovers Lane – Lake Hefner

Restored Building – One Bell Central

Ugly Building – Citizens National Band & Trust Co.

Billboard – KATT Radio (I-40 downtown)

Local TV Commercial – Paul Meade Insurance Co.

Local Obnoxious TV Commercial – Linda Soundtrak

Place to Have an Accident – N.W. 63rd & May

View From a Window – The Eagle’s Nest

OKC Locale for a Felline Movie Set – Myriad Gardens

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