Best of OKC

Best of OKC 1988


Male Catch – Dan Slocum

Female Catch – Jennifer Eve

Geek – Butch and Ben McCain

Local Talent – Maya

Arts Patron – John Kirkpatrick

Business Owner – Vince Orza

Underdog – David Walters

Self-Promoter – Vince Orza

Civic Do-Gooder – John Kirkpatrick

Club DJ – David Byrd, Chevies

City Council Member – Jackie Carey, Ward 8

Would-Be Politician – David Walters

TV News Anchor – Linda Cavanaugh, Channel 4

TV Meteorologist – Gary England, Channel 9

TV Sportscaster – Bob Barry, Channel 4

TV Newscaster – Mitch Jelniker, Channel 9

Bankruptcy Victim – Jimmy and Ann Linn

Jet-Setter – Robert Hefner

Radio Personality – Mark Shannon, KJYO-FM

Person You Wish Would Leave Town – Gov. Henry Bellmon

High-Society Couple – Tom and Sylvia Delaney

Spiritual Leader – Dr. Michael Anderson

Chef – John Bennett


Luncheon Special – Garfield’s

Dinner Worth Twice the Price – Cocina de Mino

Italian Cuisine – Olive Garden

Cajun Cuisine – Magnolia Café

Mexican Cuisine – Cocina de Mino

Oriental Cuisine – Hu-nan

American Cuisine – Classen Grill

Continental Cuisine – Greystone

Exotic Salad – Waterford

Ice Cream Dessert – Braum’s

Exotic Coffees – Cappuccino’s

Baked Goods – Baptist Medical Center

Bargain Gourmet Food – Chef’s Market

Imported Food Selection – Chef’s Market

Hospital Food – Baptist Medical Center

Delivered Pizza – Pizza Hut

Cold Beer – Garfield’s

Mixed Drinks – Waterford

Wine Selection – Flip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria

New Restaurant – Olive Garden

Underrated Restaurant – La Roca

Restaurant – Greystone


Neighborhood – Nichols Hills

Movie Theater – AMC Northwest 8

Building Lobby – Leadership Square

Public School – Putnam City High School

Hotel – Waterford Hotel

Collection – Penn Square Mall

City Park – Will Rogers Park

Progressive Dance Bar – Angles

Speed Trap – Nichols Hills

Sunset Serenade – Sunset Serenade

Place to See a Live Band – VZD’s

Place to Book a Party – Oklahoma City Marriott

Place to Kill an Afternoon – Oklahoma City Zoo

Place to See Something Frightening – Union Bus Station

Tennis Courts – Will Rogers Park

‘Meat Market’ Bar – T-Bar

Sleazy Strip – N.W. 10th


Antiques – The Colonies

Arts & Crafts Supplies – Hobby Lobby

Automotive Supplies – Save Auto

Caterer – Aunt Pittypats

Electronics – Silo

Elegant Clothing – Balliet’s

Furniture – Mathis Brothers Funiture

Hair Salon – Foss Salon

Hardware – Builders Square

Health/Fitness Center – Pacer Fitness Center

Kitchen Accessories – Classic Gourmet

Party Clothes – Gil’s

Pet Store – Petland

Pre-School – Children’s World

Retail Sale – Harold’s Warehouse Sale

Risque Cards – Avant Cards

Sporting Goods – Andy Anderson’s

Travel Agency – Springhall Travel

Maternity Care – Mercy Health Center

Unusual Accessories – Christie’s Toy Box

Video Rentals – Blockbuster Video


Charity Benefit – Symphony Decorator Showhouse

Taxpayer Ripoff – OCCC’s New Olympic-Size Swimming Pool

Example of Boundless Imagination – Festival of the Arts

Sporting Event – University of Oklahoma Football

Beautification Project – Greater Oklahoma City Tree Bank Foundation

Cross-Cultural Experience – Red Earth

Miserable Failure – Oklahoma City Orchestra

Glaring Success – Remington Park

TV News Gimmick – KTVY Newshawks

Advertising Campaign – “Don’t Lay That Trash on Oklahoma”

Renovation Project – Penn Square Mall

Artsy Experience – Festival of the Arts

Running Joke – Gov. Henry Bellmon

Get-Rich-Quick Scheme – Remington Park

Reason to Go North of the River – Penn Square Mall

Reason to Go South of the River – Dallas

Reason to Stay in Oklahoma City – The People


The Absolute Best of Oklahoma City – The People

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