Call it a summit of sorts. There is no better reward than relaxing with good friends and some cold beers. They can be poured right into your best stein, glass or simply just grab a bottle. Not a lot of effort, and best of all, the damage to your bank account can be fairly painless.

At Broadway Wine & Spirits, 1125 S. Broadway in Edmond, owner Dan Kuzminski sells nearly 270 types of domestic and international beers. Tradition rules with standbys like Old Milwaukee, Lost Lake and Pabst Blue Ribbon that cost about $6 for a 12-pack. Thanks to Hollywood, the blue-ribbon beer has seen a renaissance.

right, Adam Vaughn with cheap beer options at Edmond’s Broadway Wine & Spirits

“Pabst has made a comeback since the film ‘Grand Torino’ came out,” Kuzminski said. “It has made a social trend. It’s a good, old, old beer, and a lot of people drink it.”

Other cheaper choices include seasonal selections. The North Carolina native recommends Boulevard Brewing Company because for $15 you can purchase a 12-pack of quality favorites. He noted the Kansas City-based brewer produces Bob’s ’47 Oktoberfest, Nutcracker Ale or Irish Ale for the spring, in addition to their regular assortment.

He also features the “pick six” beer wall in the store. For $8, you can create your own six-pack. Not brave enough to mix the six? Try one for a mere $1.35.

When hitting the town, it’s easy to remain thrifty. At Edna’s Restaurant & Club, 5137 Classen Circle, domestic beers are always $2.50.

One of the most popular beers at this neighborhood bar also is Pabst.

“People were coming from other bars and asking why didn’t we have it, so we added it (in cans),” said bartender Preston Simms. “Clint Eastwood and the Showtime program ‘Shameless’ drove it. Others a little on the higher-end are Stella Artois and Hoegaarden.”

Of course, personal taste reigns supreme. Oklahoma City resident Michael Welch said sometimes he enjoys having a less costly beer.

“Now I drink it for the nostalgia on game days,” said Welch, an IT professional and University of Oklahoma graduate.

And building on that school spirit, 7-Eleven recently launched its own brand of beer, Game Day, for the frugal sports enthusiast. The lager ale typically sells for $5 for a 12-pack at local markets and liquor stores.

Game on!

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