more than 122 years in business, Crescent Market, 6409 Avondale Drive,
will close Oct. 29. That will be followed by an auction conducted by
Louis Dakil of Dakil Auctioneers at 10 a.m. on Nov. 8 at the grocery

something gets up and going, and I go north or downtown with something
new, I’ve got the names, addresses and numbers of all my employees, and
they told me they would drop everything and come back with me,” said
Robert Pemberton, the owner.

this closing, it will have a trickle-down effect on many people. … The
person who made our soups has to get two people out of her business
now,” he said. “But with us closing down, I realize the city has to keep

in the heart of Nichols Hills near The Coach House and other fine
restaurants, Crescent Market was the place to go for topnotch meat cut
by on-site butchers who knew their craft, never-frozen chickens and the
finest cheeses and butter from Europe.

the years, Crescent Market earned the trust of shoppers who didn’t have
to wear roller skates to make their way around the grocery store (there
was carpet!) and could park right outside the front door. In addition,
there were attentive employees who carried people’s groceries out to
their cars.

chef Jonathan Krell has joined the staff at the popular Stella Modern
Italian Cuisine, 1201 N. Walker. Krell is from Philadelphia and holds an
audio engineering degree, but while under contract with top national
performing artists, he had the opportunity to apprentice with some of
the best chefs in the city of Philadelphia.

“Chef Krell is so passionate about food and extremely creative,” said Lori Tyler, owner at Stella.

more, executive chef Brian McGrew, the former chef at Stella, was asked
to join the staff at the Governor’s Mansion as personal chef to the
first family.

— a farm-to-fork concept recently developed by sisters Melissa
Scaramucci, Heather Steele and Abby Clark — has chosen Ryan Parrott of
Iguana Mexican Grill as the new restaurant’s executive chef.

The Norman restaurant plans to open in January 2012 and will be located in the Normandy Creek Shopping Center.

Local will feature an open kitchen, patio, bar, retail space and a unique, dedicated children’s area.

most of 2011, Parrott, along with Iguana business partner Robert
Painter, has contributed ideas for the restaurant as a consultant. As
construction on the space started to kick into high gear, Parrott
realized that he was ready to stay involved.

will have a presence at a variety of charitable events this fall. To
get a taste of Local and to stay up to date on the developments of the
restaurant, please visit

aren’t going to let Ryan go completely,” Painter said. “He has to stay
on for Tuesdays — he built Tuesday nights at Iguana into something fun
and unique every single week. So Norman can have him most of the time,
but Tuesdays he’s got to come back home.”

Travis Williams (pictured) is the culinary arts director of the Metro Career Academy, 201 N.E. 48th, which is a metro tech center.

Family: “Wife, Betsy, (the couple met in high school) and Allie, 11, and Peyton, 6.”

Best feature: “Besides being a good cook, I have a passion for teaching.”

“Did an apprenticeship with the American Culinary Federation and went
to Oklahoma State University to get my chef’s certification through the

record: “I worked six years with Platt College and was an executive
chef for almost 10 years with Twelve Oaks Restaurant in Edmond and also
worked for the ClubCorp.”

Biggest vice: “Sweets.” You look like: “Some people say Sylvester Stallone.”

don’t know: “I have a farm. (I) live on 10 acres and lease 120 acres. I
had cattle, but sold them due to the drought and I am now into horses.
The girls like to ride.”

Favorite kitchen gadget: “The giant immersion blender.”

Night out: “To The Mantel to see a former student who works there, and I like to watch his progress.”

Handyman style: “I’m a do-ityourselfer, and so far, we have remodeled several homes.”

Never eat: “I would not go near chitlins — the intestines of a pig.”

Kill for: “Beignets.”

—Carol Smaglinski

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