After Chesapeake Energy will present its 9th annual Taste of Western from 6 to 9 p.m., Oct. 27, at Will Rogers Theatre, 4322 N. Western, hosted by the Western Avenue Association.

Chairs are Keith Paul with A Good Egg Dining Group and Melissa Yohn with Cafe 501. Samples will come from restaurants with to-die-for locations, including Will Rogers Theatre, Musashi’s Japanese Steakhouse, Sushi Neko, Hideaway Pizza, Iron Starr Urban Barbecue, Republic Gastropub, Kyle’s 1025, Cafe Nova, Chicas Mexican Cafe, Coach House, 42nd Street Candy Company, 51st Street Speakeasy, VZD’s Restaurant & Club, Tokyo Japanese, The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro, Upper Crust, Cafe 501, West, Pearl’s and Big Sky Bread Company. Participating wine brokers include: Glazer’s of Oklahoma, Premium Brands, Republic National Distributing Company-Oklahoma, Putnam Wines and Thirst Wine Merchants.

Event sponsors include:
Chesapeake Energy, MidFirst Bank, First National Bank of Oklahoma, Total Environmental, RCB Bank, Summit Bank, Whole Foods and Ben E. Keith Foods. Tickets are available for $60 per person and may be purchased at visitwesternavenue.com.

The Skirvin Hilton’s new executive chef Chris Pope went to school in Claremore and sharpened his skills as a chef at culinary school in Okmulgee at Oklahoma State University. He also worked in Palm Springs, Ca.

Lightbulb moment: “As a kid, we lived on a small ranch with a huge garden. Mom was out of town, and my dad and I stuffed some zucchini. I knew then I wanted to work with food.”

Biggest influence: “My father and my grandmother.

In your refrigerator: “Bacon, eggs and Coca-Cola.”

Worst job ever: “Never! Started out hauling hay and started in a restaurant when I was old enough. Did dishes.”

Favorite junk food: “Twinkies and Cheetos.”

Family: “Met Tina in high school, and we have Pork Chop and Foxy, our dogs.”

Look-a-like: “A little bit like Michael J. Fox.”

Signature dish: “The triple-seared tenderloin that is on the Skirvin menu.”

You stay away from: “Olives.” But would kill for: “A rib-eye, fresh fish or sushi.”

Enjoy: “Bricktown — Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse and Bolero.”

Most bizarre omelet request: “While working in Florida, a customer asked for plantains, heart of palm and grape jelly. We did it; he loved it.”

What would your last meal be? These verbatim answers were on Oklahoma Gazette’s Facebook page.

— Tim Heitzman “One last meal, and it has to be OKC local? Since the calories, cholesterol, sodium etc. won’t be an issue I’d have to say Cheever’s Chicken Fried Steak. It’s the best iteration of my favorite Okie food.”

—Michael Speck “Mutt’s... I’d request a special they had that had mac n chz, chipotle ketchup and micro greens on the dog. It should be on the menu for sure.” —Jennifer McCollum “A burger at Nic’s and for dessert, a strawberry cupcake from Sara Saras!”

—Mandy French “Dr. Lacumba’s Nuclear Nachos from The Mont in Norman, with a side of guac and a swirl.”

—Kerri Dunn-Bales “The Hemi burger at Yesteryear’s 50’s diner in Chickasha. Not on the menu, have to ask for it.”

—Lorene Fite Wood “Pollo verde from la luna with green sauce and a swirl.”

—Desiree Lindsey “Eischen’s and I’d order chicken. Duh!”

—Dalene Barton “Blue Moon ‘Chinese’ & i’d order the ‘hawiian Chicken,with fried rice& egg roll,along with eggd drop soup=)”

—Angela King “I would insist on lunch at the Coach House, because I don’t like to eat heavy late. I would begin with a very nice pinot grigio, a 1/2 cup of the soup of the day followed by the crab cake appetizer, with a smidgen of Louisiana hot sauce. For my entree, the grilled chicken breast salad with goat cheese AND the quiche of the day, followed by a scrumptious dessert--probably the heated chocolate cake with orange caramel, but if I could coax Chef Kurt to favor me with a petite portion of the shrimp & corn cake, I would opt for a lighter dessert--créme brulée!”

— Jana Lewis Harkins “Pachinko - Philly cheesesteak roll and the Italiano Too!”

—Vanessa Taylor “Mikes Chicken Fried Steak @ Kyle 1025”

—Tom Whiteley “VZD’s french fries!”

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