There are many classic dips like pimento cheese, spinach and artichoke, and hummus that you can get at the grocery store, but these seven restaurants offer different takes on those classics.

By Jacob Threadgill with photos Gazette / file and provided

Empire Slice House

1804 NW 16th St. | 405-557-1760

The menu at Empire is full of music pop culture references, including nods to Notorious B.I.G. and David Bowie. The When I Dip is an homage to the dance craze started by the 1996 Freak Nasty song “Da Dip.” The Empire version combines melted cheese, roasted artichoke, marinated spinach and red pepper for a combination that is as timeless as the dance craze.

The Jones Assembly

901 W. Sheridan Ave. | 405-212-2378

In addition to turning out tasty pizzas, The Jones Assembly’s wood-fired oven creates the flatbread that is the star of its dip trio. The Jones takes the decision out of your hands with excellent takes on classic garbanzo bean hummus, refreshing tzatziki and pimento cheese elevated with its fluffy and slightly charred flatbread.

Iron Star Urban Barbeque

3700 N. Shartel Ave. | 405-524-5925

According to Serious Eats, pimento cheese got its start in New York as manufacturers started combining an early form of cream cheese with Spanish pimento peppers. It became associated with the South after pimento started being grown in Georgia and combined with grated hoop cheese. Iron Star adds a kick to the classic spread with charred jalapeños, and it is served with celery and plenty of marinated veggies.

Charleston’s Restaurant

224 Johnny Bench Drive | 405-778-8868

Charleston’s is known for its awesome spinach and artichoke dip that always delivers, but the Shrimp Cargot provides all of the fun of eating escargot (garlic, butter and cheese) with a much more accessible protein than snails. When done correctly, escargot is delicious but it is not for everyone. Shrimp Cargot is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Pub W

10740 S. May Ave. | 405-286-6970

The combination of onion dip and potato chips can be found at most casual get-togethers because it is always a tasty treat. Pub W takes that snack standard to another level with housemade potato chips, caramelized onions and plenty of creaminess.

Hummus Mediterranean Café

3000 W. Memorial Road | 405-216-5468

This Moore favorite opened a north Oklahoma City location recently, and in addition to its eight great hummus varieties, Hummus offers some other excellent dips. Muhammara is a dip that originates from Syria and blends roasted red pepper and walnuts into something that is completely different from hummus or baba ghanoush.

Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes

1000 N. Hudson Ave. | 405-702-6922

Oklahoma’s love of queso is so important that many restaurants provide it along with salsa. Barrios takes that complimentary version to a higher level with its cheese and chorizo. Another A Good Egg Dining restaurant, Cheever’s Cafe, also provides queso on steroids by combining avocado, salsa and beans.

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