Coffee makes the world go round, and Oklahoma City and the surrounding area has no shortage of coffee shops and roasters that run the gamut from minimalist cafes to ornate experiences.

By Jacob Threadgill  | Photos by Garett Fisbeck, Garett Fisbeck / file and Gazette / file

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
?Cece Otero makes coffee at Okay Yeah Co., Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016.

Elemental Coffee Roasters

815 N. Hudson Ave.


The coffee at Elemental is much like the aesthetic of the store: straight and to the point. The small-batch roastery doesn’t add artificial flavors to its beans, and the interior is sleek and modern.  Learn how to brew through different recipes and shop from a variety of coffee from around the world while also exploring the cafe menu that is friendly to both carnivores and vegetarians.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
Mocha at Hank’s Coffee and Wine Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016.

Hank’s Coffee & Wine

1227 N. Walker Ave.


The eponymous Hank at the Midtown coffee and wine shop was the owner’s loving mixed breed they called “cow dog.” Hank serves as the logo for the store and is printed on T-shirts. The kitschy cafe features a variety of espressos, including an Irish coffee with whiskey, which makes it appropriate for morning or night.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
?Cafe thun-dah at Vintage Coffee, Thursday, June 2, 2016.

Leap Coffee Roasters

44 NE 51st St.


Leap supplies coffee to many restaurants in the area, but its retail location is open Wednesday-Friday. Owners Eric Starkey and Kari Hirst Starkey are committed to supplying organic and fair trade certified coffee while also supporting Oklahoma City’s artist community. Earlier this year, the Starkeys began partnering with local artists to design art for their coffee bags and they split proceeds with the artists.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
Latte at Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffee in Guthrie, Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Okay Yeah Co.

705 W. Sheridan Ave.


Okay Yeah brings a refreshing and amiable atmosphere to its Film Row location where owner Chad Grubbs places an emphasis on providing a space where customers can relax in a warm environment. Guests can sip a Spanish cortado or an Italian macchiato coffee and also try a sweet or savory pastry tart made with local ingredients.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Cara Johnson
A barista creates latte art at Elemental Coffee, Monday, May 15, 2017.

Rick’s Fine Chocolates & Coffees

109 W. Oklahoma Ave., Guthrie


What better way to enjoy a stroll around charming downtown Guthrie than with a sweet treat or organic coffee brew from Rick’s? Fall and winter concoctions include creations like pecan pie and gingerbread lattes. Enjoy one of Rick’s many desserts that includes everything from coconut haystacks to chocolate-covered orange peels.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
Homemade bacon quiche and mocha latte at Wild Hero Coffee Co. in Mustang, Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Vintage Coffee

1101 NW 49th St.


This northwest OKC establishment is known for its cold drinks, which can be picked up from a drive-thru window. Choose from 12 Vintage favorite flavor combinations like Lucky Charm (Irish cream, toffee and green sprinkles) or Cancun (mocha, cinnamon and cayenne power) or be your own alchemist by choosing from over 30 flavors.

Gazedibles: Gourmet roast
Garett Fisbeck
Kari Starkey pours freshly roasted coffee into a bag at Leap Coffee Roasters in Oklahoma City, Monday, Jan. 16, 2016.

Wild Hero Coffee Co.

331 N. Mustang Road, Mustang


Coffee beans are at the forefront of Mustang’s only locally owned coffeehouse. Choose from locally roasted expresso, coffee or an exciting array of frozen sweet coffee drinks like German chocolate or salted caramel mocha. You can also pick up a quiche or panini for lunch.

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