A healthy gut can eliminate all types of health problems. A key to getting your insides in order is to consume healthy types of bacteria, also known as probiotics, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. These seven options will make eating healthy fun.

By Jacob Threadgill with provided and Gazette / file photos

Big Oak Kombucha
44 NE 51st St.
bigoakkombucha.com | 405-310-9724

Made by introducing beneficial strains of bacteria, yeast and sugar to tea and allowing it to ferment,
kombucha is one of the best sources of probiotics. Founded in 2015, Big Oak is the best local source for the product. You can order its five flavors — orange ginger, blueberry lavender, white peony, prickly pear lime ginger, grapefruit rosemary juniper — online or find it at retailers like Urban Agrarian, Native Roots Market, Packard’s New American Kitchen and many others.

Taste of Korea
5 S. Western Ave.

The key to a Korean meal (and why South Koreans have some of the longest lifespans in the world) is the rotating set of side dishes showcased with the collection of banchan. Kimchi is probably the most well-known of the bunch, but there are others (fermented and non-fermented) that rotate depending on the day at Taste of Korea and other Korean restaurants in the metro area.

Royal Bavaria
3401 S. Sooner Road, Moore
royal-bavaria.com | 405-799-7666

Sauerkraut is probably the most ubiquitous high-probiotic food in the U.S. diet besides yogurt. You might as well get the best sauerkraut from the metro area’s longest-running traditional German restaurant and brewery. Get some of the health benefits of sauerkraut while pairing it with the likes of indulgent housemade sausages, fried schnitzel, smoked pork chop, shank and others.

Beth Lyon’s Black Cat
308 NW 10th St.
thecollectiveokc.com | 405-724-7682

This kitchen inside The Collective food hall is focused on providing high-vibrational foods that will leave your body and mind feeling good. Get any dish topped with Feel Good Kimchi that includes fermented bok choy, cabbage, beets and other tasty and nutritious ingredients. Add some tempeh to the dish to find another great source of probiotics.

Ocean 81 Sushi Bar
7508 N. May Ave.
ocean81.com | 405-842-3764

Miso is an excellent source of probiotics, which means that you’re doing great when you order the soup as an appetizer. But are you bored by the perfunctory options found a lot of restaurants? Behold, the red miso soup at Ocean 81 that includes shrimp, scallops and tofu. Pair the soup with some sushi (which has plenty of heart-healthy omega-3s) as well as the probiotic-promoting pickled ginger and wasabi on the plate.

The Earth Cafe & Deli
309 S. Flood Ave., Norman
theearthnorman.com | 405-364-3551

Tempeh is similar to tofu because they’re both soy-based, but it goes through an extra fermentation process, which means it’s also an excellent source of probiotics. Its firm texture means it’s perfect for The Earth Cafe’s tempeh tacos, which are combined with farmer’s cheese (or Daiya for vegans), mixed greens, tomatoes and carrots.

Elemental Coffee Roasters
815 N. Hudson Ave.
elementalcoffee.com | 405-633-1703

Elemental is much more than a place for a great cup of coffee or tea. It’s also an excellent eatery focused on providing healthy and indulgent options. Dive into some gut-healthy products like tempeh on the Beast breakfast sandwich or the Joan Rivers, which is tempeh bacon, sauerkraut, vegan cheese and stone-ground mustard. Elemental also sells Big Oak Kombucha.

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Beth Lyon’s Black Cat

308 NW 10th St., Oklahoma City Midtown



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Royal Bavaria Restaurant & Brewery

3401 S. Sooner road, Moore



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The Earth Cafe & Deli

309 S. Flood Ave., Norman



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Elemental Coffee Roasters

815 N. Hudson Ave., Oklahoma City Midtown



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