I wouldn’t say no to some caramel, either. I have the coffee tastes of a 5-year-old.

Thankfully I’m redeemed a bit by my love of tea — strong, no cream or sugar. Whether you go for coffee or tea, this is the season to indulge in both. And by indulge, I mean buy some really adorable accessories.

I was wandering around last month finishing up Christmas shopping when I spotted something amazing at Shop Good (3 N.W. Ninth; 702-0517) — a crocheted coffee cup sleeve. Yes, crochet. Obviously, I immediately bought one.

By Tie Dyed Soul, the colorful cozies come in a variety of different colors, but my favorite part is the felt appliqué some of them sport. Do you really wish you had a luxurious mustache, but alas, you’re a girl? Crochet coffee sleeve has you covered. What about the need to let everyone know where you’re from? Yup, there’s a few with a felt outline of the Sooner State. Seriously, I love these.

Also in Shop Good, pick up a bag of the locally roasted coffee from Mariposa Coffee Roastery. Like the socially conscious store, Mariposa dedicates a percentage of its sales to various social justice organizations. That’s coffee I can get behind.

For my true love, I headed to t, an Urban Teahouse (7518 N. May; 418-4333). This lovely, modern shop boasts a wall of loose-leaf teas to choose from — you can buy it by the ounce or order it hot or cold and drink it in the cute cafe (and don’t miss the case of cookies to go with that tea).

Around 100 different teas are available at any given time, and the big tin containers are color-coded for the type of tea you want: black, green, oolong, rooibos or herbal. If you just can’t decide, t can host private tastings and parties.

To hold all that lovely tea, t also has a collection of very pretty ceramic mugs, teapots, different infusers and small tins of pre-packaged loose-leaf tea. I especially loved the pretty glazed clay cups that are handmade by artist Tommy Poole that had a minimalist, Asian appeal.

Just a couple doors down, Blue 7 (7518 N. May; 604-5199) has a really great selection of mugs and cups for tea and coffee. Check out the Eco Cup by DCI to finally replace all those throwaway paper cups. There are two designs:

white coffee cup or clear plastic pop cup, complete with reusable straw. I also really liked the stacked cappuccino cups by pt. The six ceramic cups — check out the set in tartan patterns! — stack neatly in a metal holder.

My favorite in the store right now holds not tea or coffee, but cream. Two’s Company has a series of adorable ceramic cream cups shaped like animals (I bought two for my mother-in-law) in a clean, simple white. Or, for something really unique, check out the clear glass cream container by Fred Half Pint shaped like an open milk carton.

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