Local podcaster covers OKC's burgeoning culinary scene

Local podcaster covers OKC's burgeoning culinary scene
Garett Fisbeck
Malory Craft, host of the Over Easy Podcast, poses for a photo at her home, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016.

Food and dating are a perfect match, especially for Malory Craft. The creator of independent podcast OKC Over Easy and cohost of The Spy’s new The Dates of Our Lives radio show said the two projects address topics that are both relatable and unavailable anywhere else.

OKC Over Easy focuses on metro eats. Craft and guests discuss everything from local dining to Trader Joe’s. OKC Over Easy launched in March. She said she has always loved food — she has authored a food blog and loves to develop recipes — and podcasts and loves to talk about local cuisine. Her show, which usually runs anywhere from a half-hour to an hour, highlights the city’s growing food scene, something Craft said no one was covering.

Craft said OKC Over Easy is sort of a millennial’s guide to eating.

“From my love of Braum’s to tasting menus, cocktails and hidden gems around Oklahoma City, I cover a variety of topics,” she said.

The show even delves into the greatest metro grocers.

Show topics emerge naturally. Craft said each guest brings a new, unique and authentic perspective of the local food scene.

She chose to create a podcast because of the connection each show creates between the host, guests and listeners.

“[I have] a great love of food, and a lot of my favorite conversations involve talking about it with my friends,” Craft said. “I like podcasting because it’s a pretty intimate type of media, and I wanted people to be able to listen and feel like they were at my kitchen table, just chilling and talking about food.”

The response has been positive. Craft said it has given her the opportunity to make new friends and experience great food in OKC.

OKC Over Easy is available to stream on iTunes and via Soundcloud, soundcloud.com/okcovereasy. Follow the show on Twitter, @okcovereasy.

Daring Dates

Ryan Drake, local comedian and host of The Spy program State of the Art on KOSU (91.7 FM in Oklahoma City), was a guest on OKC Over Easy and recently helped develop a new specialty show for the public radio station. The Dates of Our Lives focuses on dating and relationships.

Drake met Craft on her 10,000th day of living — she keeps track and celebrates — and the pair hit it off.

“Before any dating radio show had ever come up, we talked about dating culture for a long time,” Drake said.

Each appeared on the other’s solo show, and Drake felt like he and Craft’s connection would be perfect for The Dates of Our Lives.

The duo tells listeners more about the dating scene, advice, authors, which restaurants and venues they suggest for dates, call-ins, cringeworthy experiences, dating apps and news. Drake said he researches stories and runs them by Craft before they record each show.

“I enjoy having a reason to dive into these stories and discuss them, because I would not have a reason to otherwise,” Drake said. “It’s like I have a reason to love to discuss selfie protocol, which I would love to discuss every day.”

Like Craft’s podcast, the radio show is talk-heavy, and Drake said he enjoys connecting with guests.

The Dates of Our Lives airs 10 p.m. Sundays on The Spy and KOSU. Stream past episodes at soundcloud.com/thedatesofourlives. Listeners can email bad date stories and questions to [email protected]. Learn more at kosu.org/programs/dates-our-lives

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