Local online radio station The Spy has recruited local wino and music junkie Clayton Bahr for an aptly named show: Tasting Notes. At 6 p.m. Mondays, you can stream live at thespyfm.com and delight your senses by way of tasting and listening.

The show is like any other you might hear on-air, only this one’s a bit more interactive and encourages participation. After a brief introduction covering wine pairing and rating basics, host Bahr gives a few wine facts before diving into the playlist.

Bahr’s wine selection is announced ahead of time on the Tasting Notes Facebook page, and on his Twitter feed, @winedr.

During a recent show, listeners learned what Chardonnay tastes like when paired with “Daughters of the Soho Rights” by The National.

right Clayton Bahr hosting Tasting Notes at The Spy studio.

The vocal resonance of band front man Matt Berninger complemented the Del Fin Del Mundo, the oaked Chardonnay on the menu that night, producing a robust nose and body, almost buttery, that remained packed with a beautifully constructed flavor through the finish. It easily could have been mistaken for a decadent dessert from the opening guitar strum to cymbal fadeout.

“Wine is a sensual experience,” said Bahr after the first pairing.

When the second song began, the taste went from delicious and calm to tart and flat in the middle.

The song “Traveling Bones” from Fox and the Bird’s debut album, Floating Feather, was enjoyable with its acoustic melody. As the music progressed, the once powerful wine seemingly morphed into a Pinot Grigio, with the tune’s glockenspiel emphasizing the Chardonnay’s floral and citrus notes.

The blend demonstrated how the music and wine can change as a unit, just like a pairing of wine and cheese.

Bahr took it back to “Chardonnay songs” to enhance the wine once more, featuring Cults, Bat for Lashes and Andrew Bird.

Tune in to Tasting Notes on Monday to enjoy songs selected for the Unique Sauvignon Blanc, which can be purchased at Broadway Wine Merchants, 824 N. Broadway, and 2nd Street Wine Co., 1340 E. Second in Edmond.

Editor’s note: Don’t drink and drive! Enjoy wine and music pairing in the safety of your own home.

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