Warm weather wines

These four crisp wines make the perfect complement to the rising temps.

These four crisp wines make the perfect complement to the rising temps, all with convenient screw tops so you can enjoy a glass without additional hardware on your summer journeys.

La Crema — Pinot Noir Rosé (2021)

Rosé is the best of all wine worlds, which may explain why it’s thought to be among one of the first types. Rosé is known for being particularly sweet but this one is subtly so without being overbearing and also acidic without being too dry, a fruity wine that goes down easily and pairs well with most summer dishes.

Sea Sun — California Pinot Noir (2019)

This California red is the heaviest hitter of the bunch but that doesn’t mean it’s as full-bodied as a good number of others. The grapes come primarily from Monterey County, with 3 percent each coming from Solano and San Luis Obispo counties, which make for a gentler pinot noir than some French or Australian vintages in this style.

Sea Sun — California Chardonnay (2020)

This chardonnay is definitely more crisp than sweet with an acidic finish, but there are hints of fruit throughout. The nearly-complete inverse of the vineyard’s pinot noir, the majority of the grapes come from Solano County — which isn’t a name you often hear when it comes to wine — along with fruit from Santa Barbara County and a splash of Monterey County.

Pine Ridge — Chenin Blanc + Viognier (2021)

For those who shy away from your typical white wines, this 2021 blend hits a very different set of notes with a fruitier flavor thanks to the Chenin blanc grapes, which provide a sweet citrus while the remaining 20 percent is Viognier, which has hints of peach on the finish that makes this one pair particularly well with light summer meals.

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