Billy Joe Winghead celebrating 15 years with new album

Tiki-bar punk band Billy Joe Winghead is a landlocked and languishing in Middle America has a new album, "Dark Ride" " a shot of Butthole Surfers-style psychedelics chased with some swamp-water blues.

Any Okie listener immediately will attach to the Leadbelly cover "Bourgeois Blues." Lead singer John Manson adapts the song for his hometown with the line, "Don't you get a home in Oklahoma City, 'cause it's a bourgeois town!" Mason insists it's not an indictment of Oklahoma City " well, sort of.

"In Oklahoma City, we feel comfortably ignored, and if no one is watching what you're doing, then you're free to do anything and not worry how it will go over," Manson said. "Half the band lives in Tulsa, half lives in Oklahoma City, and we've settled into relative obscurity in both towns and that's how we like it."

Billy Joe Winghead's CD release show is 9 p.m. Friday at The Blue Note, 2408 N. Robinson. For more information call 524-5678. "Charles Martin

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