Stillwater indie-rock outfit Deerpeople is no stranger to costumes. In the past, pre-show rituals involved cloaking themselves in any number of disguises, and although the band moved away from that in recent performances, Friday’s Hallopolis show at Opolis gives them a chance to relive it.

“It’s fun to go back and revisit that,” drummer Jordan Bayhylle said. I’m pushing for ‘Star Wars,’ but everybody is leaning toward ‘Ghostbusters’ or ‘Pac-Man.’” Hallopolis — the yearly rock show and costume contest — has been a highlight on local bands’ calendars for five years now; past performers include Colourmusic and Evangelicals. Antonio Laster — front man of Stillwater electro-rock act Brother Bear — has admired the lineup from afar since inception and is excited to throw his hat into the ring.

right, Deerpeople

“Every time I see the list of bands, it always looks like a good show,” he said. “The bands are all pretty psychedelic, and I think we fit that mold. It’s going to be one of the best of the year.”

Laster is no stranger to Halloween shows, having played one or two with his old band, Mayola, and last year with Colourmusic in his hometown. The local rock vet knows of few shows more fun to play than Halloween.

“Regardless of what’s happening, it’s always a crazy party. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s fun to play a show that night,” he said. “You’re the main attraction of the pandemonium for that moment.”

Brother Bear is preparing to record a follow-up to its debut EP, with shows in Tulsa and more coming in between. Deerpeople is a little further along in the process, readying to master the successor to its debut and hoping to press the completed effort on vinyl.

In the meantime, the group is concocting some tricks and treats for Friday. Brother Bear has a cover in the works, as well as reintroducing some older tracks, while Deerpeople plans on unveiling yet more new songs from its coming EP. And because costume contest judging falls upon the acts, each is working on criteria for scoring the ghouls, ghosts and zombies making their way through Opolis’ doors.

“You can’t half-ass it,” Bayhylle said. “I’m mainly concerned with creativity … doing something totally unique, but gore and blood is always good.”

Photo by Doug Schwarz.

Click below to download Deerpeople's eponymous debut EP for free.

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