Casiotone shifts focus to songwriting

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's first three albums were made with the idea that art can be truly unique and amazing when made with strict boundaries.

Or in Casiotone's case, one: a Casio keyboard.

"I like the idea of making stuff with sort of a limitation," sole member Owen Ashworth said. "I like the idea of sort of getting the aesthetic of the music out of the way and concentrating more on the songwriting."

Ashworth said that lots of great art made with the same ideals influenced him. On his newest album, "Etiquette" " as well as the album he is currently working on " he decided to branch out a little and let himself grow as a songwriter by incorporating more instrumentation and fellow musicians.

"Once I made the third, I felt I had sort of graduated and allowed myself to make more ambitious records," he said. "I have a tendency to shoot myself in the foot with this sort of thing. I've really been taking my time on the next record and I think it's really going to be far more different than my previous stuff " a lot less electronics, for sure. I tried to keep my head down and make stuff that sounds interesting to me." "Graham Lee Brewer

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