DJ Funke says mixing for OKC's Bricktown no different than Vegas

DJ Graham Funke has played parties for Marilyn Manson, Jack Osbourne and porn star Jenna Jameson. But Oklahoma City is no different.
"Honestly I'm gonna give the same level of performance for either party," he said. "Alcohol has the same effect on everybody else. It goes for whether I am even in Oklahoma or a celebrity party. I'm gonna give it my all. I aim to please."
Funke's digital DJ tool of choice utilizes:
" two time-coded vinyl LPs,
" a computer interface and
" a laptop.
It enables him to keep true to the vinyl style while giving him unlimited old-school mixing access to 8,000-plus digital music files. 
"We're doing a performance. We don't play a whole lot of the song," Funke said. "It's not unforeseeable to hit 200 songs in one night, constantly mixing."
According to Funke, people exhibit a certain excitement, which he keeps going so the dance floor never empties.
SKKY Bar manager Tony Henry said that's why he brought Funke to Oklahoma City.
"We like the guys who know how to throw a party," Henry said.  "Joshua Michael Torres

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