Don Peris - Go When the Morning Shineth

From Pennsylvania came the cold and The Innocence Mission. "Bright As Yellow" on the "Empire Records" soundtrack may have been the highest level of notoriety the dream-folk band achieved since beginning in the late Eighties. The band fell somewhere between adult contemporary and cult status with classic-rooted compositions tailor-made for NPR segues. Today, from a couple leagues below sea, comes co-founder of The Innocence Mission, Don Peris, and his remarkable solo album, "Go When the Morning Shineth."
Biblical in name, astrological in ambience' the record shines completely; two sparse vocal tracks and gorgeous chunks of starlight guitar emanate the magic stuff, leaving images of Parisian sidewalk waltzes, teenage lovers and/or fisherman sunsets. Throughout "Shineth," Peris' North Star zips about looking for Henry Mancini, some nature, Radiohead and Yo Yo Ma, only to land in the strange place that this record loves so much but can't verbally define.'Danny Marroquin

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