Whatever you’re into, Tower Theatre’s Don’t Call It A Comeback series, co-sponsored by Oklahoma Gazette, launches July 16 and continues until the venue’s anniversary party on Aug. 7. Full-capacity shows resume Aug. 12 with Shakey Graves. All of the concerts are free, but some will be hosted at Ponyboy, which is adjacent to the Tower Theatre, for ages 21 and older only.

July 16: Husbands with Hey Steve

The concert series begins with Husbands, a punk-tinged swirl of rock, and Hey Steve. Formerly known as Republican Hair, Hey Steve is the brainchild of Oklahoma-born Nashville songwriter Luke Dick, whose Red Dog documentary on Hulu is also a must-watch.
Also playing are Heartspace, Mad Honey and Stepmom.
Recommended track: “Dead Head” by Hey Steve

July 17: The Texas Gentleman with Twiggs

A swirl of Americana, The Texas Gentlemen are touring on the release of their second record, last year’s “Floor It!!!” Oklahoma City’s Twiggs are … well, we don’t know the hell they are. Their last single sounds like the Beastie Boys getting down with The Black Keys.
Also playing are Labrys, Lord Buffalo and Mikah Young.
Recommended track: “Elf Rights” by Twiggs

July 18: Igor and The Red Elvises with Klamz

Between The Leningrad Cowboys and Gogol Bordello fall Igor and The Red Elvises, a Russian-American musical pastiche with more than a dozen studio albums under their belt. Klamz, a three-piece rock-punk outfit (and not the other way around) are a lot of fun. Like bushy mustaches and mullets fun. No additional acts have been announced for this show.
Recommended track: “Everybody Polka!” by Igor and the Red Elvises

July 23: The Vandoliers with Jason Scott

The Vandoliers are a Dallas band most easily described as a cow punk band, but the kind of alt-country that’s signed to Bloodshot Records. If you know, you know. Jason Scott is a strong, straightforward alt-country musician. We’re not saying that like it’s a bad thing. Trust us.
Also playing are Happy Colored Marbles: A Ween Tribute and The Flycatchers
Recommended track: “Sixteen Years” by The Vandoliers

July 24: Old Man Saxon with Ayilla

Old Man Saxon delivers downtempo hip-hop jams reminiscent of late 80s and early 90s jams. Saxon was also a contender on Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow. Tulsa-based Ayilla complements him with more slow neo-soul and hip-hop tracks. Also playing are L.T.Z., Tony Foster Jr. and Trip G.
Recommended track: “Worship the Sky” by Ayilla

July 25: Spunk feat. Blaque Dynamite
To call Spunk Adams an Oklahoma jazz staple would be an understatement. The OKC saxophonist is more aptly described as a jazz-funk fusion musician. Blaque Dynamite is in a league of his phone, a jazz drummer who also doubles on microphone duties. Additional acts to be added later.
Recommended track: “Stop Calling Me” by Blaque Dynamite

July 30: Bobby Sessions with Jabee

A soulful rapper who carries the legacy of Def Jam Recordings, Bobby Sessions is touring on the heels of his new record, Manifest. He also appeared on a track with Megan Thee Stallion for the Coming 2 America soundtrack. No further introduction is necessary for Jabee Williams. You know him. You love him. You’ve probably already run into him out and about in the community this year.
Also playing are Josh Sallee, K.O. and Nia.
Recommended track: “Cog in the Machine” by Bobby Sessions

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July 31: Thunder Jackson with Wildermiss
Thunder Jackson makes hella catchy synthpop reminiscent of everything you like about the genre with a bit of a neo-soul twinge, which blends well with the upbeat indie rock of Wildermiss.
Also playing are Chelsea Days, Daniel Mudliar and Keathley.
Recommended track: “Find Yourself” by Thunder Jackson

Aug 1: Ottoman Turks with 40-Acre Mule
Ottoman Turks play the kind of sludgy, fuzzy riffs with a country twist you didn’t know you wanted. Vocals as smooth as a gravel road round out the sound, which contrast with the old-school blues rock crooning from 40-Acre Mule’s frontman. No additional acts have been announced for this show.
Recommended track: “35 to Life” by Ottoman Turks.

Aug 7: Don’t Call It A Comeback Anniversary Concert
We’ll just let this lineup speak for itself: Brothers Griin, Calliope Musicals, Audio Book Club, Swim Fan, Lincka and Fox Burrows. What more do you need to know? Just go!
Recommended track: “Boots” by Audio Book Club

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