For the second year, the Gold Dome hosts a holiday music concert of classic proportions

Holiday Concert Under the Dome
3 p.m. Sunday
Gold Dome
1112 N.W. 23rd

Once sentenced to death by demolition, the Gold Dome building at 1112 N.W. 23rd is now revered as a cultural landmark across the metro area and the state.

World-renowned violinist Yuval Waldman of New York City envisioned yet another purpose for the shining, geodesic structure. After eating there, he and Tom McDaniel, former president of Oklahoma City University, pitched the idea for a concert to be held in the space.

"It is a unique and attractive place," Waldman said. "We were very impressed with the acoustics and also with the architecture of the place. So we suggested that we do a concert."

The result is the second annual "Holiday Concert Under the Dome," scheduled for Sunday. Waldman is featured as the conductor and performer, and as the event's creative director.

Some of the Russian-born Israeli violinist's career highlights include playing a memorial concert on the first anniversary of Sept. 11; conducting on the steps of Congress in Washington, D.C.; and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel in Moscow.

Because he served as an artist-in-residence at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha, Waldman suggested that proceeds from the concert benefit the school, specifically in the form of music scholarships. Other proceeds will benefit the Gold Dome Multicultural Society.

A string ensemble will perform a version of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" by Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla, as well as Bach's "Concerto in E major."

"Bach and baroque music is associated with Christmas and with the holidays, and it's very appropriate for this time of year," Waldman said.

A choral section featuring the jazz and trombone choirs of Northwest Classen High School will follow the instrumental performance.

The USAO jazz choir performed in last year's concert, but was already booked for another event this year. Instead, the university decided to contact a USAO alum to fill the choir's shoes.

"After contacting me, the university thought that it would be a perfect fit for music ensembles from an Oklahoma City public school who are also under the direction of a graduate from USAO to perform in their fundraiser," said Rheuben Green, director of the Northwest Classen choirs.

The high school's jazz choir will perform an arrangement of "Silent Night." Along with a Haydn arrangement, the trombone choir will perform an original work by Northwest Classen's assistant choir director, Chris Lehew.

"The students and parents are very excited," Lehew said. "It's a special performance that we get to do, and they feel very lucky to perform for a very special group of people and to get to perform alongside a very popular violinist." "Emily Hopkins

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