No longer content only leading other Wallflowers, Jakob Dylan has stepped out for his solo dance with his new album, "Seeing Things."

The "Seeing" songs are a mostly low-key, acoustic affair, which suits the soft, smoky singer quite nicely. With just enough of his father Bob Dylan's gravelly delivery, songs like "Valley of the Low Sun" and "I Told You I Couldn't Stop" are simple and wonderful, with minimal bells, whistles and instrumentation.

"War Is Kind" is a great song that highlights a soft tension between Dylan's coarse voice, morose lyrics and subtle, understated guitars. The album closer, "This End of the Telescope," has a more pronounced vocal delivery and a slightly more forceful Dylan underscoring an earthy tune about an aching loss felt by all living things.

Produced by studio phenomenon Rick Rubin, "Seeing Things" is melodic and unobtrusive, startlingly void of any fanciness that would just take away from the simple beauty of a few guitars, a story and a voice.

 "?Joe Wertz

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