Jimmy Webb prefers intimate venues

Jimmy Webb, an Oklahoma native best known for his continuing career as one of America's most highly regarded and prolific popular songwriters, is accustomed to performing in venues of all sizes. However, he said he has a special regard for performing in the intimate surroundings of small spaces that place him close to the audience.

"My favorite gigs are the little ones " they're really just a lot more fun," Webb said. "It's a much more sterile experience if you're on a big stage. "¦ But when you're in the same small room with someone, you can see them and they can see you. You can see their eyes; you can see their smiles or their tears."

Webb has lived by the ocean on Long Island, N.Y., in recent years, while his participation continues in the creation of two very different Broadway stage shows:
" one based on the movie Western "Shane,"
" the other based on the Robert DeNiro film "A Bronx Tale."

"Both shows are going slowly. There's not a lot to report," he said. "Whenever I've met someone who's gotten a Broadway show up and running, whether it's done well or closed, I think it's a magnificent accomplishment."

In May, Webb, was presented with an honorary doctorate of musical arts by Oklahoma City University, and in lieu of a speech, performed for 30 minutes.

"I'm not sure they've ever done that at their commencement," Webb said with a laugh. "But they specifically asked for it." "C.G. Niebank


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