The 12-track album is lively and diverse. Each song is packed with energy, and Sallee’s rhymes and flow are as sound as they’ve ever been. He can spit it quick, and he knows it, but that’s not the only thing he’s capable of.

The album kicks off with “The Biased Introduction,” which features a hard-hitting beat from local producer Blev, who handles production on the majority of the album. Sallee comes on strong with straight bars — no hook necessary. It’s a great way to begin the album.

Following the intro is “TLD-TechnologicalLogicalDreams,” one of the album’s stronger tracks. The Blended Babies-produced cut features a smooth beat and hook mixed with great lyrics from Sallee. On this song, he slows his flow a bit, showing his ability to rhyme over a wide range of instrumentals.

Another standout track is lead single “Switch Lives,” a powerfully honest track in which Sallee pours his heart out about the difficulties of life and being a rising artist. You can really hear the hunger in his voice on this one. He wants to succeed, and he is showing why he deserves to.

The album’s best song is probably “Ooo Girl,” which features another fantastic Blev beat, a hook from Blev himself and smooth verses from Sallee. It’s a feel-good song with all the makings of a hit, and it’s perfect for the approaching warmer months.

Blev’s hook is one of the few features on the album, the others being Smoke DZA, DV, Adam Case, Mod Sun and Pell.

Sallee closes his impressive album with “Nobody,” a soulfully smooth song in which he speaks about his climb and toasts all those who have helped him reach this moment. — Ryan Querbach

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