Kill the Reflection — Together ... Apart ...

Unlike Depth & Current’s last-sane-man-on-Earth narrators, however, the characters residing in Kill the Reflection’s second full-length, “Together ... Apart ... ,” are just as fractured and disjointed as their environments.

With “No Love at All,” we have such a song that opens with a bit of dour note-picking straight out of the Nirvana textbook. Singer Morgan Routt then steps up and does all right to capture the really, really sucky feeling that comes when you’re still very much in love with somebody you’ve wronged and how you find yourself trying to measure back up to the way things once were.

The disc’s definitely comfortable in the realm of lyrically driven post-punk that favors mid-tempos over speed, and straightforwardness above all else. Across 12 songs, the formula gets a little repetitive and lacks a big climax, but there’s an odd, trip-hoppy leftover tacked on to the end, a song called “Damage Inside My Head.”  The off-kilter beat would’ve mixed things up nicely somewhere in the middle of the record.

You can buy “Together ... Apart ...” at the band’s website, —Matt Carney

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