Lost tapes of Defenestration album found in Texas

Twenty years ago, the most promising young alternative-rock band in the area wasn't The Flaming Lips. It was the Norman-based Defenestration " a loud, four-piece ensemble centered around Tyson Meade's vocals and Todd Walker's guitar.
At the height of its local popularity, the band self-released a seven-song mini-album, which led to a deal with Relativity Records. Defenestration disintegrated soon after.
Left behind was an enduring mystery: What happened to the master tapes of that first record, last seen by the band when they finished mixing it?
According to Walker, it was recorded over two nights in June 1985 on 1-inch, 16-track tape for $400, paid for by Meade's mom.
Everyone lost track of the original master tapes. They were stored at the Walker Studio where they were recorded, but then the studio went out of business.
But it turns out, nearly 22 years later, Stanley Walker still has the tapes.
"I don't know why they've never called me," he said, now in Dallas, "because I've got the masters. ... I did keep the multitrack master, and in fact, I've kept it in my game room just to keep it out of the elements. ... It's their tape; they paid for it. They can pick it up anytime they want." "Thomas Anderson

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