OKC artist formerly with The Fellowship Students releases solo album

Bands generally recoil from the term "concept album" for fear of being pretentious. But Matt Brown, formerly of The Fellowship Students, declares it proudly.
"The problem is, it's for music nerds," Brown said. "When most people buy an album, they listen to four or five songs. There aren't enough people who will smoke a joint, put on headphones and pay attention for 50 minutes to an hour and a half."
Regardless of what one thinks of concept albums, Brown's first solo outing, "Rainbow Around the Sun," is not pretentious. It is track after track of engaging and colorful pop songs that guide the listener through a story, rather than dragging them.
The album was finished in the fall, but Brown became involved in a feature-length movie based on the record, which put the disc's release on hold through the winter.
He relishes the idea of creating an album that demands astute attention and repeated listens. He next plans a country opera. "Charles Martin

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